Chapter 1. Getting started

Table of Contents
Example program
How it works



Download the skam distribution from Sourceforge (either released file, or latest bleeding edge version from cvs)

You will need to download and install SWI-Prolog

Install skam

untar the skam directory and place it where you like; add skam/bin to your path; eg

cd ~/MyApps
tar -zxvf skam.tar.gz
setenv PATH "$PATH:$HOME/MyApps/skam/bin"
You're now ready to use skam!

Installing biomake

biomake is a wrapper for skam, and a collection of utilities. To use it, add skam/bio/bin to your path

setenv PATH "$PATH:$HOME/MyApps/skam/bin"
And run the "biomake" command without any arguments, to set it up as above

Editing skam files in emacs or xemacs

You can edit skam files using any text editor; if you use emacs or xemacs, you may wish to use prolog mode. Download prolog mode from then add this to your emacs customisation file:

(autoload 'run-prolog "prolog" "Start a Prolog sub-process." t)
(autoload 'prolog-mode "prolog" "Major mode for editing Prolog programs." t)
(setq prolog-system 'swi)
(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\\.P$" . prolog-mode)
                                ("\\.skm$" . prolog-mode))