BioMake and Skam

Skam is a task management tool, similar to makefiles. BioMake is a wrapper around Skam for use in bioinformatics contexts.


2005/12/01: Skam makeover

I've started on a new version of skam, some things are changed from the ground-up. It should still be possible to run old skam makefiles with the new language. The new language has a more consistent syntax, and embeds more of the logic inside the functional language libraries rather than hardcoded in the system, making everything much more configurable. Stay tuned for details.

2005/03/06: Skam ported to SWI-Prolog

Skam has been ported to SWI-Prolog. SWI is more widely used and has a more active user community than XSB Prolog (the system previously used from Skam). Not yet fully tested in SWI, report problems to cjm. Documentation requires update.


More documentation coming soon...


The first biomake/skam distro available soon; email cjm-at-fruitfly-org if you are interested in using this.

For now, you can obtain code from Sourceforge CVS

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